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PU Rebonding Machine

Materials feed-in adopt compress equipment and gluewater feed-in is insufflation, Automatic weight spraying system.

Materials feed-in adopt compress equipment and gluewater feed-in is  insufflation, Automatic weight spraying system.

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  • Our Mould Introduction

    1.PS Food Container Machine Mould The mold material is pure aluminum, which is oxidized and polished to form a protective film on the surface. This protective film can completely protect the mold,So our molds have long service life and excellent molding results. ...

  • Knotless Machine Operating Tips

    The knotless extruder is mainly composed of an extruder and an extrusion die. Its working principle is to melt, plasticize and extrude plastic particles to form a continuous plastic belt, which is then stretched into a mesh shape through a special structure in the extrus...

  • Classification and differences of sponges

    1. Rebonded sponge: Recycled sponge is a kind of recycled product that belongs to the scraps of polyurethane products. It is made of industrial sponge scraps that are crushed, stirred, sterilized, sterilized and deodorized by high-temperature glue steam and compressed in...

  • EPS foam block Introduction to production process

    1.Material  Main material:EPS+Foaming agent + flame retardant(according to customer requirement) 2.Process Introduction A.Pouring and foaming: put the raw material of beads containing foaming agent (pentane) into the hopper, and automatically feed into the automatic b...


    What is PU foam scrap ? Foam Scrap comes from furniture factory directly, it is mostly used for the production of re-bonded foam for furniture,mattress,bedding, pillows, insoles, sports mats, carpet padding and carpet underlay or used for the production of shredded foam ...



Longkou Hongtai Machinery was founded in 1991 with a registered capital of 5 million. Over the past 30 years, relying on its own technical strength, the company has successively developed plastic foaming machine series, fast food box forming machine, fruit cleaning, waxing and sorting machine series, pearl cotton (EPE polyethylene) foaming cloth machine…