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Ps foam sheet extrusion machine

Short Description:

Plastic PS Foam Sheet Making Machine Plastic Extrusion Machine for Polystyrene Foam Plate Production Equipment.

PS Foam Disposable Fast Food Container Making Machine/PS Foam Sheet Extrusion Line.

plastic machine PS foam sheet extrusion machine thermocol lunch box disposable ps foam plate foam dishes making machine.

Product Detail

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HOTY - 105/ 120




Sheet thickness



Sheet width

480- 1040mm


Cooling method

Wind&water cooling

Cutting method

single and double cutting

Butagas pressure


Installed power



Installation diameter



Power supply

380V 50Hz(3 phase )        220V 60Hz(3 phase )

extrusion  (3)

working process


machine description

The production line adopts dual screw foam sheet extrusion technique.The raw material is general polystyrene granule.This equipment adopts high speed non-stop hydraulic filter changer and PLC controller,it is easy for operation。It has stable performance, big capacity, high automation and high quality products.
It is used widely in the packing of food, fruit, electronic product, daily necessities, hardware product, advertisement plate, etc.such as fast food box, plate,t tray,cake tray,foam tray etc.

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The screw is the heart of the extruder .The material is 38CrMoAlA, which has good heat resistance and corrosion resistance, high fatigue strength , high temperature working temperature can reach 500 degrees,The outer layer of the screw is plated with alloy, which makes the hardness higher and the service life longer.

Feeding system

Metal material barrel, The length is 15~30 times of its diameter, so that the raw material can be fully heated and plasticized uniformly. ensure the efficient use of raw materials.

4 (1)
3 (1)

Cooling System

Hollowness water circulation cooling and shaping drum One set (The size will be according to customer's requirements)

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Display of finished products

This PS foam sheet extrusion machine produce PS foam sheet, which also is a kind of new-type packing with the features of shock proofing, sound insulating, heat preservation, damp proof, safety, and good plasticity. The finished PS foaming sheet can be made into variety of packing containers.

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