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Latest Shipping

In October 2022, Iranian fruit sorting machine loading and delivery data.

In the production plant area, the delivery team is operating the crane in an orderly manner, and will send the equipment to the three production lines in Iran for loading and fixing. The quality inspectors are inspecting and counting the loaded parts before leaving the factory to ensure that the shipment can be successfully completed and delivered to Iranian customers safely.


The application of the fruit sorting machine will greatly reduce the workload and improve the work efficiency of customers. The advantage of our fruit sorting machine is that the sorting level of the fruit sorting machine is adjustable and the output is large; the fruit sorting machine consumes less power, has low noise, and is easy to operate; the soft fruit plate of the fruit machine and the durable fruit plate reduce self-damage, Reduce the cost of use.

In addition, our fruit sorting machine also has an automatic protection function to prevent reverse rotation and misuse to damage the equipment; appearance inspection system, including color, defects, bumps and crushing; internal quality inspection system, through the detection of sugar content by spectrometer And internal quality, such as moldy heart disease and other internal lesions.

Hongtai Industry and Trade will continue to put the needs of customers first, provide one-stop solutions to corporate customers, transform from traditional business models to business and organizational models that truly focus on consumer needs, apply new technologies, and create new experience.


Machines sent to Pakistan in the first half of 2022, including pre-expander machine and eps block machine and eps cutting machine,it can produce eps block .the eps block is a new material to make mattress in Southeast Asia,the price is low and the quality is good ,it can bring considerable profit to customer


The PS food container forming machine sent to the United States. This is an old customer we have cooperated with for a long time. The quality requirements are extremely strict. After the machine is completed, we will test the machine for the customer, watch the machine in video and send the production sample to the customer. After the customer is satisfied, the delivery will be arranged. This year, the customer intends to expand the production scale and increase the production line.

Post time: Feb-27-2023